Matthew Palladino’s Ourboros

New York artist Matthew Palladino is showing six new works in Ourboros, an exhibition at the oldest literary society in Greece, Parnassos. Organized by Dio Horia, the show explores the medium of sculptural reliefs as painting. Shiny, colourful, and 3D, Palladino’s work is consumer-friendly. Essentially a time-traveller in his practice, Palladino enhances the ancient art of sculptural reliefs with futuristic technologies like 3D design and additive manufacturing. In Ourboros, the gods and kings typically depicted in historical reliefs are traded in for idols of the current age: tech and science. Motherboard is a particularly tongue-in-cheek nod to the collective worship of our devices. Palladino is part of a larger, burgeoning movement of future-looking artists who embrace motifs from Greek art history. There is a tendency to draw from our past when fantasizing of a sci-fi future. Palladino’s work is sickeningly nostalgic for 90s childhood: MS Paint, early Nintendo, the plastic bin of toys stored in the basement playroom. Tiny coloured orbs in Tablet bring to mind Biology class, those plastic sculptures of the DNA double helix, and man-made renderings which depict human cells in neon hues. Palladino’s subject matter treads the eerie line between Biological and Synthetic. Ourboros opens at Parnassos Literary Society November 28th. – Claire Milbrath


Motherboard, Enamel on resin, plastic and wood

My Friend…(Is That The End Of This World), Enamel on resin, plastic and wood in 5 panel sections

Tablet, Enamel on resin, plastic and wood

Wires, Enamel on resin, plastic and wood

In-A-Gadda (In The Garden), Enamel on resin, plastic and wood in 6 panel sections