Liquid Asset Editorial Mix

We’re thrilled to release a new mix by Liquid Asset, aka Alene Marie. The North-Carolina-based hardware techno producer is known for her heavy, rave-oriented mutations of classic dance music. Building her own electronics since 2010, Liquid Asset uses many different machines, including her own modified x0xb0x to create quintessential hacker jams. Equating sounds to “tools,” Liquid Asset employs detailed numerical guides and patterns to create her multi-machine live sets. Her mix for Editorial is equally mechanic, utilitarian and intense. Featuring recently released tracks from Love Letters, who actually bought the first modficifed  x0xb0x that Alene and her partner built, and Joker, a duo-project with Liquid Asset and Boston producer Isabella. Liquid Asset’s new EP In Laboratory is out now on Seratonin sub-label Schmer.