Laurie Kang: Line Litter at Franz Kaka


Pink guts, bones, and bodily fluids girdled by fleshy silicone frames and attached like vertebrae on an undulating spinal cord, Laurie Kang’s new solo show Line Litter is clinical, somatic and tense.  I wanted to touch everything, yet it’s also intentionally cold, like a kiss with lips pursed. Laurie completed Line Litter in Fall 2016 while she was an artist in residence at Interstate Projects in Brooklyn, NY. Below we feature photos of her current exhibition, along with some of the text written to accompany it. Line Litter is open January 12th-February 4th, 2017 at Franz Kaka, Toronto. Darby Milbrath


“I would never become a mother, but that would not be the same as never bearing children. I would bear children but I would not be a mother to them. I would bear them in abundance; they would emerge from my head, from my arm pits, from between my legs; I would bear children, they would hang from me like fruit from a vine.”  – Jamaica Kincaid on the many guises of fecundity from The Autobiography of My Mother

Here is fecundity gone rogue. Unanimity is banished, intuition reigns. Though you may feel lost, fortunately you are not alone. Being out of your depth, immersed so deeply, is an opportunity to see the environment you have been a part of all along. Logic may want a singularity but, in truth, one never existed. – Yaniya Lee








Thursday – Saturday,
12 – 6 and by appointment
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