In the Stars with Kiera: 2018 New Year

Contributing editor and staff Mum Kiera McNally  forecasts what’s coming for you in 2018! Photo by Molly Lewis

Aries Horoscope OutlineARIES

Hey Aries, you are off to a sweet start this year! Just remember to share all the treats. You will be able to fly free, exploring your own personal, wide open, emotional field. Purge yourself of all the stinging, left over  feelings of 2017, and try and keep a positive buzz in your head. Remember, you attract more bees with honey then with piss.



Howdy partner! Buddy, chum, pal, homie… Relationships will be the main motif at the beginning of this year for you. You may be  “in-cahoots” with someone in every aspect of your life, both of you growing in a mutually beneficial way.  Avoid being over loaded on this bandwagon. Don’t get your whistle too wet at the saloon. But stay a wild bronco, and ride’m dirty.




Bonne Appetite Gemini! 2018 is a tasty buffet of opportunity for you. Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach when it comes to all the work and social offers. Be careful not to overload your plate, and enjoy only what you can still chew. Take it slow and you will still have room for seconds, without stretching your belt too much.


You may be feeling crazy, Cancer. For the first half of the year, your life may feel like a hard nut to crack. The planets are aligned with your dreams and aspirations. But it’s the day to day challenges that prevent you from having your cashew and eating it too. Focus on the fun and romance coming your way, there will be nuttin’ better than that.


Hello Leo! This year isn’t so much about what you know, as much as who you know. The connections you’ve made in the past will pay off professionally and personally. Loving and locking bonds with these people will help set your roots, and grow your personal inner world. You will become ace at climbing the soul ladder.



Vroom vroom Virgo. The wheels are turning and you are going somewhere!  Your communications will increase and expand. Your ability and desire to express yourself is greater than ever, transporting you to a new place in your life. Be careful of speeding or getting caught up in the tiny details. Keep it steady, with your eyes on the horizon, and remember it’s about the journey.




Libra my friend, you have reached an important juncture in your life. It’s time to lay claim to your latent talents and hidden gifts. This personal procedure may make you feel vulnerable, but honesty is the best policy, and you’ve got a lot stored in the bank.  You will have more confidence in your $elf-worth. This will easily attract investments from others. Just be sure to keep your money where your mouth is, and say thank you.




What’s up my big Scorpio babies? This year you will be feeling fresh and new! Your vision of life will be panoramic. You’ll be beaming with a whole new confidence, absorbing the holy drops of Jupiter which rain abundance and luck upon you. Be careful not to look straight into this sun, you don’t want to blind yourself of your earthly responsibilities.

archer-clipart-clipart-bow-and-arrow-512x512-8fad-e1421178853603 copySAGITTARIUS

Salutations sage, Jupiter will be ruling your subconscious mind most of this year. It’s an excellent time to be a chipmunk, gathering and storing nuggets of spirituality and wisdom. Feel free to retreat to your ashram tree house and cozy up in solitude. Watch out for pure escapism in substances, and actively learn to put more value on intangibility.




Hey there, hoe there farmer Capricorn. The beginning of this year will be mostly about planting seeds and budding new friendships. The natural expansion of your social circle will have you in a cornucopia of feasts and fun. It’s time to plant seedlings and dreams so you can reap the rewards in the future. Watch out for being too social and forgetting about  your practical responsibilities.  Tend to the crops and you’ll be finer then a frog hair.



Shine bright like a diamond, Aquarius. The focus at the beginning of this year will be on your dazzling ambitions and goals. You can’t help but be in the limelight in some sort of way. Stand clear of any gossip or mishandling of information. Hazardous situations could arise that may be blown out of proportion. It’s a time to be out schmoozing whilst, paradoxically, you will want to spend as much time as possible by yourself, wishing upon your own shooting star. Shine bright like a diamond.


You can see clearly now the rain is gone, Pisces. This coming year you will have a broader perspective on life, and a slicker attitude. This is a time when you won’t sweat the small stuff as much. Less perspiration and more inspiration will give you the ability to see beyond, and grow to the next phase, where you will make a big splash.



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