Jessica Butler & Isabella Kressin’s Mirror To Forget

Jessica Butler, Do Not Disturb, ink-jet print, fabric, thread, plastic beads, resin, acrylic box frame, 8.25″ x 11″
2020 – 2021

A Mirror to Forget, currently on view at Gern en Regalia in NYC, brings together the mossy, midnight worlds of Jessica Butler and Isabella Kressin. Enchanted and fiendish, their mixed media works function as talismans of remembrance from some woodland cave, or the lonely window pane of feminine desire. Scrap-book aesthetic meets foraged earthy materials – twigs, wools and snagged silks. Ghostly figures, appear, disappear, reappear in modes of longing and searching; inside wrought iron gates or warm houses always looking outwards into the shadow strewn night. These are deep teen dreams of outdoor spaces, creatures and naked branches, thrashing and caressing; menacing but not nightmarish, premonitions “inciting a passion for the possible”. A Mirror to Forget is open til December 19th. – Molly Cranston

Jessica Butler
Me and My Charms
resin, string, found images, ink-jet print, laminate, metal jump rings, metal stars,
10 1/4 x 8 1/4.” 2021

Isabella Kressin, Girl Smoking, Mulberry silk fiber, laserprint on silk, marino wool

Jessica Butler, Subterranean Desire
ink-jet prints, glow-in-the-dark stars,
wire, found wooden dollhouse ladder
10 x 7.5 2020

Isabella Kressin, Cocoon Eternal (Montreal), silk, wool, laser print on linen 2020

Jessica Butler, Sis+Bel Spells, ink-jet print, found image, grapevine, wire, plastic toy part, acrylic box frame, 6.5″ x 8.5″, 2020

Jessica Butler, 16 Girls Who Look Under Rocks
wood, image transfer on wood, aluminum foil, papier-mâché, gesso, acrylic paint, dried moss, found dollhouse flashlight, 36 x 34″, 2020-2021

Isabella Kressin, Cocoon Eternal (Halifax), wool, laser print on silk, wax 2019

Jessica Butler, Cursed, wood, image transfer on wood, found images, laminate, sticker, craft eye, plastic beads, wire
15 x ” x 15.75″, 2020

Jessica Butler, LJ/NJ, Ink-jet print, wood, nails, stickers, fabric appliqué, 16 x 12.”