Interview with Antoha MC


I discovered Antoha MC when I was lying in bed with a sprained knee and my friend posted a link to one of his songs. I immediately went deep on YouTube watching all of his music videos. There is one of him reciting a poem he wrote to a stranger, and another of him dancing with a friend in a dance hall and playing the trumpet. For the next week, I stayed home, sad that I couldn’t dance around to his songs. Antoha’s sound is so fresh, yet mixed with an old-world Soviet feel. Dance beats with wholesome rap lyrics—one of his lyrics he mentions being a young Antoha and doing his homework—the songs just make you happy. He talks about working hard, staying focused, day-to-day life, his home, Russia, etc. Even if you don’t understand what he’s saying, his music will put you in a good mood.

Your music is such a mix of different sounds. What did you listen to when you were younger?

Propellerheads, the album with the fire on the cover. Boris Grebenshikov, Deadushki, and Bad Balance. From the ages of 9 -11 was when I was introduced to music, the years I developed my tastes.

You keep such a positive attitude and you can hear it come through in your songs. What do you do to keep that up in our world?

I would ask the question in another way: Do you manage to stay positive today, regardless of the situation? Is that what drives you? Is that what forms everything around you? I would switch from a focus on positivity to my life’s happiness. Where there are smiles, a healthy form, structure and etiquette, then there’s a point to today’s existence, to tomorrow’s, and to that of the upcoming years.

It seems you love to dance a lot. That makes me happy! I came across your music when I had a sprained knee, and I was pretty sad I couldn’t dance around myself. Where do you dance?

I love to dance where energetic music is playing and being danced to.

You dance, rap, and play the trumpet. What other talents do you have?

I call talents skills, skills that you more or less taught yourself or gained from your parents. Coming home after a hard day at 12:00am and finding the strength to take a shower, that is talent.

I feel like the internet helps us connect with the world in an easier way than ever. What’s your relationship to the internet?

Internet made life easier. Those who are learning don’t search for easy paths.

For the readers who’ve never been to Moscow, could you describe your city?

My city reminds me of a compressed archive file—rar or zip. An overhead storage filled with the unknown. A computer without an antivirus (Kaspersky), where the subway is a chill- out zone and roads are an endless flow. Beautiful from the beginning of the center city to the green and stone outskirt blocks.

What are your plans for the future?

My future plan is to be stronger and faster, to be smarter and wiser.

I asked a few friends if they had any questions for you—all of them wanted to know if you have a girlfriend.

I have a girl, her name is Maryana. Last year, she married me.

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