In the Stars with Kiera: Summer 2018

Contributing editor  Kiera McNally  forecasts what’s coming for you this summer. 

Aries Horoscope Outline


Hey hey Aries this is the summer of playing the emotional stock market. As June begins, your portfolio will be through the roof. You will feel confident and exude pure magnetism. As you break down confining walls, no one will stop you from doing want you want to do. But keep your ears to the ground, and be sure to listen to other’s advice. Invest wisely in friendships, because July may feel like a bit of a crash, or as they say on wall street – the summer doldrums.  By the end of the summer you’ll be on the rise once again, smiling and winking all across the board room.



Happy summer of independence Taurus. Like a firework, you will be exploding with personal change, burning with freedom. Uranus is entering your sign which happens only once every 84 years, signifying the birth of your own personal revolution. At the same time, Saturn will be stabilizing and keeping you grounded. And if you work hard you will reap the rewards later. The cosmos have handed you no lucky breaks these past few years, and you’ve had to create your own. Be sure to get out of the house, by the end of the summer the universe will be giving you a picnic basket of opportunity filled with bigger burgers and freedom fries.




Can I get on the list for your private party this summer Gemini? This summer begins with everyone’s attention on you, but you may just feel like chilling. Definitely find time for some rest and relaxation before life speeds up and the summer comes knocking. You may be acting like a spunky bouncer, refusing any extra company, but it’s about focusing on the party within. By the end of the summer you will be a pro at exploring your own world and enjoying all the VIPs of your world. It will be the hottest party in town.


What’s the buzz Cancer? This is the summer of the busy bee. With an even stronger sense of intuition than usual, don’t be second guessing yourself in the bee hive, crab friend. The season starts with a very fertile social ground and a vibrating social energy. Don’t close yourself off, you’re not the one that has to worry about getting stung. This is a powerful and positive summer, be happy. You’re a free wild animal, so no worries honey.


Bonjour Leo! This is the summer of art, and it’s time to create your masterpiece. What is your heart’s deepest desire? For this is the summer to realize it. It’s the Birth of Venus, and you’ve got some pretty amazing energies at your fingertips. You’ll want to be putting those immensely creative impulses to good use; making an impression. Get ready to share what you have inside with the world. And be prepared for your personal vision quest and adventure… It could happen any Starry Night. This summer is your Garden of Earthly Delights.




Look out Virgo, road work ahead. This summer is all about construction for you. Nothing has been set in concrete. Be sure to wear a hard hat as you do a little soul searching this summer. Slow down and watch out for a few obstacles ahead, but relax because during this maintenance time, you’ll have a strong support system around you. Just let them know you need them. Communication will be easy and dynamic with Mercury impacting Venus and you. When the pylons finally clear and the lights turn green you will be ready to put your pedal to the metal.




Go fish, Libra. Summer 2018 will be about finding the perfect match. Whether it’s pairing the curtains with the carpet or your new single friend with your old single friend. Take full advantage of this hand the universal dealer has given you, and find the perfect match for yourself this summer. Figure out what brings you balance. Be careful to not gamble with other peoples feelings, they might just call your bluff and you will have no one left to play with. By the end of the summer you will have certainly brought together a thing or two.






Welcome to the matrix, Scorpio. The stars have given you a red pill and these next few months will be about experiencing a new type of reality. There’s the reality you see and the reality of what you want and wish for. This invisible dimension has as much power as you are willing to give to it. So be sure to focus and work on what you want. Don’t forget the details, they add up in the big picture. By the end of the summer it will be time to practice letting go. Relax and remember there is no spoon.

archer-clipart-clipart-bow-and-arrow-512x512-8fad-e1421178853603 copySAGITTARIUS

This is the summer of the wild cat for you, Sagittarius. Give in to the sleepy feeling this season begins with. Lounging in the sun and taking an easy cat nap will be the best thing for you. Because as the time goes on, Jupiter will come into an energetic position promising some tasty bonuses. The emphasis will be on the emotions and the senses. Pay attention to what you smell, taste, hear, see, and most of all, what you feel on the outside and inside. Don’t run away too quickly, stay curious. By the end of the summer you will have plenty of room to roam.




Ah-ha! This is the summer of clarity Capricorn. This season will be like drinking the elixir you’ve been seeeking. Words and ideas will be pouring out of you like a crystal creek. Ideas and materials for your master plan will finally be bubbling to the surface. Perfect words and phrases will allow you to achieve significant results in conquering human souls and hearts, ultimately quenching your own thirst.





Bonjour chef, let the hunger games begin. The summer will begin with you taking stock of your financial inventory to be sure that your plans can be carried out. For Aquarians who know what they want, hustling this season will get them their piece of pie. But those that are slow to pick their place at the table will not have as much luck. By the end of the summer you will be thrown into a hot-n-heavy connection with someone new.  Enjoy the heat and play with fire.





Heya Pisces, this is the summer of no control. Don’t worry because you’re strapped in safe. But be ready for a wild ride. This season will start with butterflies in your stomach, the excitement of romance, creativity and success. As though you’re standing on top of the hill, be sure to enjoy the view. The last half the summer forecasts a whirlwind of situations that may leave you in a mild state of confusion. But no worries, just give in and be open to the unknown.



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