Halloween Special: Marijpol

In the week leading up to October 31st, we will be sharing the bone-chilling work of one of our favourite freaky artists, alongside a hair-raisingly festive little interview!

Marijpol’s work exists in the balance between the mundane world of the living and the macabre world of the undead. In her comics the two interact with light humour, but more often with a calming frankness—other life forms living simply in other realms, the post-alive doing their routine chores in the afterlife with their faces falling off, white hair growing long and thin and wispy. I’ve always liked to picture a world populated peacefully with monsters—trolls, goblins, people with tentacles for legs, tiny alien people, or giant people coexisting with humans on Earth. Imagine: somewhere in some nondescript home, a demon sits mostly nude on the living room floor and, their children asleep, opens their skull from the back to calmly contemplate a sheet-wrapped corpse. Marijpol’s work show us this ordinary day in the life of the unhuman. – Olivia Whittick

What was your most memorable halloween experience/costume?
Halloween was not really a thing in Germany until the late nineties. I first got to know it when I went on a high school exchange program to Waukesha, Wisconsin in October 1998. I brought home lots of plastic skull/bat/spider merchandise to decorate my room with all year round. Although I enjoyed my first Halloween party it was not the scariest evening I had. I also attended my host’s homecoming dance. I heard for the first time that girls shaved their armpits. I had the best reason not to dancewhile pressing my arms to my sides.

What is your favourite horror movie and why?
I love What ever happened to Baby Jane. The sounds of the unanswered buzzer and telephone drive me mad.

From P published by Landfill Editions

Have you ever had any sort of supernatural or paranormal encounter?
Not quite but I once had a palm reading done by and old man in northern India. I wasn’t taking it seriously and thought, let’s hear what fantastical rubbish he is going to talk about for the next ten minutes. But then he surprised me. He lowered his gaze on my hands and inspected them thoroughly. After a while he said my palms would not reveal anything yet because I was too young (20) and I could have my money back. I was sure he discovered something too awful to tell me.

Given the choice, would you become immortal?
Vampire style, with lots of money and books. Yes.

If you were a monster what kind of monster would you be?
A mosquito.