Halloween Special: Andrea Lukic

In the week leading up to October 31st, every day we will be sharing the bone-chilling work of one of our favourite freaky artists, alongside a hair-raisingly festive little interview! Stay-tuned! 

Andrea Lukic is a Vancouver-based artist and zine-maker. She is also the bassist-vocalist in the West Coast punk band Nu Sensae. Her visual art is almost exclusively rendered in bold black-and-white swipes and swirlies, thematically expressing her interests in magic and the occult (as well as punk and violence and music and satanism and cigarettes and clowns and Hollywood and pop-culture). Her work seems fitting to include in a list of our favourite spooky artists because her work is pretty spooky and we really like it a lot. I recently watched all of the video work by her that I could find online and it left me with the most incredible eerie feeling. Freeaky stuff and we love it! – O.W.




What was your most memorable halloween experience/costume?
For the last two years I’ve dressed up as the same character. The first year she was a kabuki style pop singer, with a head set and all. Last year a silent film star with a long pink kimono. 

What is your favourite horror movie and why?
Kwaidan. A japanese ghost story film from 1964.

What possesses you to create?
I’m obsessed with mystery in all forms, checking out symbolism here and in the spirit world, superstition, parallels. I’m translating an internalized identity into an ethnographic image by reworking a variety of tropes I find in reality. My approach to drawing is forced voyeurism of an autonomous space. Objects too are a vehicle of obsession for me, specifically the invisible value hovering over repressed objects such as lipsticks, which adhere to ideas of feminine discovery and repressed memories. I just finished a book about Richard III stalking Hollywood sets. I have 3 jobs, one is produce at a grocery store, I just stack fruits and vegetables and daydream.

Is your work intended to induce fear?
No, but I think I’m drawn to things which scare people. Clowns scare people, which is shocking to me. Clowns unlike mystics who explain natural law, are historically deifying and challenging it. The curious or probing eternal child, ignores the obvious, and in turn acts as a mirror to show us how easy it is to folly. But the tension of what is said and what is shown generate a multitude of different meanings for people including fear.



What are you most afraid of?
Rats and snitches, backstabbers, finks.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe in magic?

Have you ever had any sort of supernatural or paranormal encounter?
I do often. Especially here in Vancouver, we’re settlers here. The spirits of that were here before us hang like a heavy cloud. The last apartment I lived in had a lot more occupants than just the ones on the lease.

Given the choice, would you become immortal?
No. Not physically. It’s such a pain keeping up here, especially financially. It’s nice to know theres another place to try out after here.

If you were a monster what kind of monster would you be?
Bird kind, one with flight, lots of swooping, and night covering at eye level.