Exorcising our Demons with Weyes Blood

Published in Issue 19
Portraits by Kathryn Vetter Miller

Weyes Blood aka Natalie Mering has a predisposition to mysticism. Her new album Titantic Rising (out in April) explores phantom zones, the eerie in-betweens of places. Her melodic, and sometimes melancholic vocals come from a religious upbringing of singing in gospel and madrigal choirs, which Mering rebelled against later in life. Now, the Joan of Arc of the music scene returns to otherworldly themes, suggesting there is something to believe in. In this horror-themed interview, I ask Weyes Blood about the darker side of things. -CM

What’s your biggest fear?
The concept of fate, in a negative way.

What is your weapon of choice?

What thought keeps you up at night?
Ted Bundy and pervy psychopaths. Can’t really reason with them. Have no idea when they’re going to strike a woman like me who lives completely alone, and looks pretty.

Who would be your go-to if you needed help murdering someone?
My two best friends Nikki and Luke who help me make my music videos, for sure. Most non-judgmental people I know who like to get shit done.

Are you more afraid of supernatural or natural?
Supernatural forces!  Fate is terrifying. What cannot be seen is infinitely more powerful, trans-dimensional… I do think we participate in fate so at least there’s an element of control. Brute violent force is also pretty terrifying as my defenses towards that are pretty weak, but ultimately I spend more time spooked out over vibes than anything else. There’s an element of acceptance with brute violent force, when I think your mind and body let go and know that it’s done. Sometimes you can see it in wild animals that get caught in a hunt. A strange kind of submission.

Have you ever seen a ghost?
Not exactly, but I felt one. I was staying in a motel. I was taking a shower and was completely overcome by a distinctly gross, horrifying feeling. It felt like the worst premonition, but nothing was coming to me. That night while I was sleeping in the motel bed and a completely shut and locked front door blew open in the middle of the night with huge gusts of wind. I woke up and quickly shut it without realizing how bizarre and unsettling that was until the next day.

What has been the scariest moment of your life?
The scariest moment in my life has been taking a tumble in the tour van, car accidents are gut wrenchingly terrifying. But the most terrified I’ve ever been was on a very small flight to Morocco. The plane had propellers, there were ash trays… the stewardesses had hair down to their bottoms. Complete time warp that at that time seriously fanned the flames of my flight anxiety. Flying in a old hunk of metal. Shivers.

What’s scarier, having a baby or not having a baby?
Not having a baby I GUESS. Like all that time just with yourself for the rest of your life, never getting to let go and unconditionally care about someone else more than yourself. I’m sure it brings on its own bundle of wild fears though.

Do you have any recurring nightmares?
I do, mostly about helping strange peripheral friends in my life cover up murders and hide bodies. Probably from overdosing on late night binges of Forensic Files and Unsolved Mysteries.

What would be your M.O. in the apocalypse? (I personally would find a man to protect me.)
A man to protect would be great, but getting to a well-hydrated forest would be excellent. If the forests are gone then I’d find a mob lord and become an indentured servant, hopefully in servitude to the most peaceful overlord in the last of days, providing song.

When you die will you become a ghost?
I’d love to but I fear that I’ll just be shot back into another life considering how I don’t harp on places, things, unfinished business. Free spirit. Maybe I’d be an octopus.

If yes, who or where will you haunt?
I’d love to haunt a hotel, seems like the most appropriate space to fuck with the living… maybe I’d find my friend who died recently, another mutual friend of ours dreamt he was haunting the Beverly Hills hotel. Where Whitney Houston died. But if I had to haunt a person it’d be my first love, the one that got away. I’d just fuck with him all the time and I’m sure he’d love it. He loves ghosts. Come to think of it I would just haunt all my biggest crushes.

Have you ever made a deal with the Devil?
Not exactly, but I’ve dabbled in the occult.

What would you sign your soul away for?
I’d sign away my soul to save our planet and all the little vulnerable creatures on it.

Would you rather date Satan or God?
I’d rather date God cause in the end he’s got the most interest in my long term well-being. Satan’s probably fun but I’ve grown out of dating hellraisers—never returns as much as you’d think. Always just a hot flash of fire in the pan, then smoke and mirrors.