George Rouy’s Leaking Visions of Red

As I look though one window I see a refection of myself projected across a road, a field
and trees.

Waiting for a friend I sit patiently.

The other window however remains misted
I only look out at the unknown.
We share the same seat, cup, and blood but our view from that window is shared in
another way.
A view into a world that,
From the inside looking out,
Feels unfamiliar and vague. But with only bright light that fills the frame I sense there
is a picture I haven’t seen before.

– excerpt from Home, poem by George Rouy


 Stages of Us
Images courtesy of Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City, copyright George Rouy

Text by Claire Milbrath

Have you ever really seen a face in a dream? We supposedly remember our stronger dreams, ones wrought with sexual tension, sexual release. But at most, we can only place a person’s presence – shadowy, and blurred. Leaking Visions of Red,George Rouy’s current show at Anna Zorina Gallery, feels like a sexual dream, seedy, misty, and strange. The kind that, upon waking, leaves you feeling both empty and full.  Rouy’s latest collection of work explores the dual experience of secrecy and illumination. The rising UK painter wrote a series of poems to aide in the production of the paintings. Each poem and painting acts as singular narrative. Rouy’s abstract figures, some are animals with human personas, translate into sets of symbols, ciphers coded in red. The paintings themselves are layered, starting with bright blue, ending with hazy veneers of magenta, purple, and red. See Rouy’s work at Anna Zorina, New York, until August 4th.


Horse and Apple


Wet Dream

Through the Window