False Witness Editorial Mix

Marco Gomez, east coast trade, 2019, apparel, textile on canvas, 50 x 60 in

False Witness, aka techno-producer and artist Marco Gomez, has wreaked havoc in clubs in New York, Berlin, and beyond with their pulsating, dark techno tracks. Gomez’ E.P. Interloper, which came out in the heat of BLM protests, COVID-19, and the beginning of a twisted summer, is essential listening for anyone looking to survive 2020. As longtime listeners, we’re thrilled to announce their latest mix on Editorial Mag. Gomez describes their newest mix, GAY as in PSYCHONAUT (I still love him), as psychedelic, politically anxious, forlorn, and washed out. The mix features sound works from Violet Dennison, James K, and an excerpt from Miko Revereza’s No Data Plan, a film about traveling across America while undocumented. Take a listen and read our interview with False Witness in our latest print issue.