Ellen Berkenblit’s Sistergarden

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Images courtesy of the artist and Anton Kern Gallery

Like an ouroboric daisy chain, with no clear beginning or end beyond the mouth through which one enters, Sistergarden, Ellen Berkenblit’s latest exhibition at Anton Kern Gallery, features eleven large-scale works. Each piece depicts the cropped side-profile of a sister, rendered in murky melancholic hues, though punctuated with fluorescent embellishments. Pop ciphers—a richly lacquered nail, a CD-rom iris, a velvet bow, a scrappy corsage. Mouths agape in a soundless gasp, or reticent in firm-lipped contemplation, Berkenblit’s sisters echo our present moment of isolation. Here we are, all together; here we are, all alone. Sistergarden is on view at Anton Kern Gallery online until March 28th.  -Rebecca Storm

The Missing Peacock Feather, 2019 Oil on linen
93 x 76 inches

The Room, 2019 Oil on linen
76 x 60 in

Gloves To Love, 2020 Oil on linen
76 x 63 in

Vert, 2019, Oil on linen
76 x 62 in