Premiere: Dugong’s Thaw

“A pond becomes a lake, a breeze becomes a storm, a handful of dust is a desert” – W.G Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

We’re excited to premiere the B side from Horizons Sauvages, a new ambient album from Australian-born artist Dugong. Originally written for the exhibition of painter Marie-Laurence de Chauvingy de Blot, Horizons Sauvages is a testament to a shared love of nature. A musical accompaniment for the season of Spring, “Thaw” captures the transitional motion of this environmental rebirth. Through natural sound pallets and layered loops, Dugong explores the complex bio-poetics of the ecosystem; sometimes we can hear the snow melting. Horizons Sauvages sounds like a daffodil – a spot of colour in a field of grey, delicate, though resilient and joyful. Listen below.

Horizons Sauvages is out March 29th, on Berlin’s Pace Yourself record label.