Delphine Hennelly’s Wandering Players

Photos courtesy of the artist and pt.2 Gallery

Delphine Hennelly’s paintings connote the Elizabethan era as much as they remind one of thumbing through the brittle, faded pages of an old comic book—misaligned, pointillated and ink splotched. Characters wander the pastoral landscapes, idle hands plucking fruit from trees or caressing the shoulder of a loved one. “Taking as axiomatic the notion that there is no time but the present,” Hennelly’s works juxtapose anachronistic imagery with future-forward pigments of electric yellow and sizzling crimson, creating a pleasantly jarring depiction of a temporal utopia, where past and future, graphic and pastoral, meld into one plane. Wandering Players is on view until Nov 1st at pt.2 Gallery in Oakland, CA. – Rebecca Storm