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Hey guys, my name is Alex and I am going to be showing you my own personal recipe for a Poutine. I’ve been living in Montreal for a few years now and I realized quickly that this is a huge staple here. I’m a fan of all poutines, all kinds of toppings, and I say the more gravy the better!

What you want from a Montreal poutine is a thick, soup-like consistency, almost similar to a bowl of clam chowder. There are some restaurants in Montreal that serve poutine in this way, Salonica is a great example of a CLASSIC poutine. But why order when you can make this simple dish at home!


2 Russet potatoes (or more depending on how many batches you’re making, I am making poutine for one)

1 package of St Hubert Poutine Gravy mix

15 cubes of sharp or mild orange cheddar cheese (A lot of people seem to think it’s all about the cheese curds that make this dish, and I think that’s a lie. Cheddar works just as well and cheese curds are really expensive to buy for this)

1 thing of Canola oil

Some Water (for the gravy mix)

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1: Let’s start by chopping up your potatoes into french fries

2: Turn your cheddar cheese into cubes (about 15)

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3: in a deep skillet, add a whole bunch of Canola oil. Once it’s heated, on about medium high, throw your raw french fries on.

4: Now we’re making gravy! Empty contents of package into a sauce pan, preferably one you’ll never use again because it’ll burn the shit out of your pan and all stick to the bottom, like it did for me. Add about 2 cups of water or so. I couldn’t tell on the back because I accidently ripped the package in two right where the directions for that part were supposed to be.

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5: Chill out for a bit.

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6: After about 45 minutes your fries and gravy should be looking ready. Empty your french fries on to a plate. Remember those cubes of cheese I had you cut up earlier? Add them on top, spread out evenly. Dump your gravy over top and watch the cheese melt!

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7: Enjoy with your favourite bottle of wine and a can of Coca Cola. Bon appetite!

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