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Editor’s Pick: Emma Kohlmann

Visually informed by a variety of cultural references encompassing Greek and Roman mythology, modern painting history, folk art and DIY punk ephemera, Emma Kohlmann’s paintings manifest a cosmos in which a recurring set of characters inhabit their realm with a naturalness that is both poignant and comical.

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Editor’s Pick: Teng Yung Han

Inspired by the idea of dreams and their meaning in our universe, Taiwanese artist Teng Yung Han navigates a made-up world in which her drawings exist in the peripheral. First featured in Editorial Mag over six years ago, Teng now critiques the persona that she’s…

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Editor’s Pick: Marc Kokopeli

For his exhibition die Pampertaarten, New York artist Marc Kokopeli takes up a popular craft practice known as “diaper cakes.” Diaper cake ideas use baby diapers to fabricate fanciful, themed objects, which are then offered as gifts at baby showers and gender reveal parties.

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