Duality of a Garment

Montreal designer Benjamin Lafaille, from Laugh by lafaille, worked with photographer Yuki Kasai-Paré and stylist Edo Oliver to bring us a photo story that maps the life of a garment. Each item of clothing was constructed specifically for this shoot to illustrate how purposeful a garment can be when the versatility is part of the design process. Make up by Ashley Mercier & Juliette Morgane. Models include: Rose Gagnon, Irene Lastovets, Edo Oliver, David Tremblay-Beaudoin, Sijia Ye, Daynis Zed from Anotherspecies, Sory Kora From Anotherspecies, Maycie-Anne St-Louis. Spécial thanks to Chad Lavoie and Fanny-Jane Pelletier for their dogs. 

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