Behind the Scenes: Austra’s “Anywayz”

Photos by Othello Grey

Today we’re taking a behind-the-scenes look at Austra’s latest video shoot for her track “Anywayz.” Filmed over the course of a weekend, the singer-songwriter behind Austra, Katie Stelmanis, and director Jasmin Mozzafari, along with a full crew, transformed a dilapidated suburban home into a sci-fi fantasy film-set. The feeling on set was energized, more akin to a movie shoot, where creativity and collaboration is less hindered by the quick turn-over of music video timelines. Jasmin came up with the concept for the video based on Katie’s lyrics, which reflect the state of chaos following a dramatic break-up. The protagonist, played by Katie herself, dons clownish make-up as she deteriorates into an episode of madness and grief. Full-on vegetation inside of a living room and ghosty swirls of fabric symbolize the thriving natural world around her. Katie told us the house felt like a crazy, haunted theme park, with endless rooms and things to discover. What we see here was captured by photographer Othello Grey, who was on set with his film camera.“Anywayz” is the new single from Austra’s new album HiRUNDiN, out on May 1st. Pre-order/stream the record hereWatch the full video for “Anywayz” below. 

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