And God Created Transwoman


In the heavenly land of Eden lay planted a garden of earthly delights…Of all creatures, Woman and Man were assigned the responsibility to tend to the garden, and given the instruction to eat from any tree but the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Still, any all-knowing divinity would know that foreign forces would, at some point, try to infiltrate such a perfect oasis and corrupt its spirit, though it would be hard for any said divinity to foresee how or when these forces would manifest. So, who in the world would fend off Lucifer’s attempts to enter the garden and sully Eve and Adam’s purity, while divine attention is focused on other galactic matters? Surely one who’s wise. The plantation of a Tree of Wisdom was thus carried out at Eden’s entrance.


And God created Transwoman. Guardian of God’s garden. Protector of its citizens and beacon of inexhaustible wisdom, though absolutely unaware of it, for the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was located far in the midst of the vast haven and hence far from Temptation.

Transwoman had the power of wisdom, though lacking in knowledge of Good and Evil. That virtue proved useful, for all demonic attempts to access the territory were irrevocably hampered by Eden’s transfeminine guard. That is, until a friendly serpent stealthily wormed its way into the garden and went looking for God’s most prized creations, ultimately convincing them to eat the Tree of Knowledge’s forbidden fruit. Woman and Man were consequently punished and expelled from Paradise, ergo prevented from eating from the Tree of Life which had, up to that point, provided them with the power of immortality. Everything happened so dramatically, yet God (always one to be loving and forgiving) sent Transwoman to keep a watchful eye on them, placing cherubim as guards instead.

And so throughout History transwomen, following the footsteps of their foremother, have helped pave ways and construct bases while, for the most, part keeping a low profile, like forgotten child prodigies left to experiment any which way they desire. We are everywhere and nowhere. Reputed to be rare and elusive…


The fascination non-trans people seem to have with us holds no boundaries. We are special. In us lays the inspiration of many artists and creators, and the secret lives of many men. We’re redefining, along with all other trans folks, certain ideas of gender identity and expression, though it shouldn’t come as a surprise—many non-European cultures have celebrated us for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Most of us are unaware of our own power, but shall we repeat that Transwoman in all duty and service, did not eat from the Tree of Knowledge? Still, one would only have to look at the transwomen who partook in the feminist movement, many anti-war crusades, the Young Lords, the Black Panthers, the African American Civil Rights Movement, and lest we forget (despite Hollywood’s relentless efforts to tell us otherwise) the Stonewall riots a.k.a. the birth of the Gay Liberation Movement. We were there. Always on the front line. Not afraid to put our lives and reputations at stake. Neither complaining nor asking to be recognized for the hard work we do for the welfare of all humans.

Good thing we have wisdom, to keep up that good work…




Elle Barbara is currently in the process of recording their next full-length with their new band, the Black Space.  They would also like to stress that this text was not written as a celebration of Christian belief, but rather as a whimsical and most importantly, trans-centric read on a story most peeps are somewhat familiar with.

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