Halloween Special: Adrienne Kammerer

In the week leading up to October 31st, every day we will be sharing the bone-chilling work of one of our favourite freaky artists, alongside a hair-raisingly festive little interview!

The first name we want to feature on our list is Adrienne Marcella Kammerer, a creepy Canadian artist currently exhibiting in Toronto. Working primarily with graphite and engaging intentionally in a tradition of graphite image-making, Kammerer’s drawings are undeniably gothic, exploring the occult fables and fairy-tale folklore of a fictitious past. Always working around themes of magic, mythology and the supernatural, Kammerer’s depictions of monsters and witches are enlivened versions of her own childhood nightmares. Her work is featured in “Happily Until Their Deaths”, a group show now up at Narwhal Projects in Toronto until Nov 21st. This show looks like it’s going to be featuring a lot of other spooky art-works and we encourage all Toronto-area ghoulies and goblins to attend!  -O.W.


terrible alliance

a spectre in the pyre
the malevolent metacarpus

What was your most memorable halloween experience/costume?
I covered myself in green face paint and raver fun fur and went as a character of my own making; “the weed wizard”

What is your favourite horror movie and why?
Mrs. Doubtfire. That movie did not age well.

What possesses you to create?
Boredom and a lack of real world skills.

Is your work intended to induce fear?
No, but my family always asks me “why can’t you just draw nice things?” And generally adults over 50 tend to describe it as “spooky” or “dark”.

What are you most afraid of?
Public humiliation.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe in magic?


a wistful amphibian

dangersome dreaming

Have you ever had any sort of supernatural or paranormal encounter?

I lose my house keys and phone more than I think can be comfortably be explained by forgetfulness. 

Given the choice, would you become immortal?
Yes. Ideally I’d just like to have my consciousness uploaded to Internet. 

If you were a monster what kind of monster would you be?
Energy drink.