Hanna Hur’s Signal at the Wheel, Hover at the Gate

On Hanna Hur’s studio door there’s a piece of loose leaf printer paper with a photograph of a spider hanging in a window frame. This is an image of a sculpture that Hur made, part of a long ritual of making webs, nets, and spiders from hand-colored thread and small carefully coiled copper loops.  

A Conversation with Hein Koh

Hein Koh’s artwork is both emotive and ecstatic. Sparkly stuffed creatures condense ideas that drift between the surreal and the sentimental. Her works evoke my childhood, and my distance from it. In early development, sense is paramount and back then, play depended more on physicality then digital experiences. I emailed Hein recently to hear about the scheming and process behind the worlds she builds in fabric, these kindred forms and her relationship to Surrealism, Pop Art, and twins.

Alix Vernet & Arielle Chiara’s Water Damage

Images courtesy the artists and Soft Opening, London. Photos by Theo Christelis. Written by Zoe Koke Water Damage is on view at Soft Opening, 4 Herald Street, London, until March 31st.  Minimalism sought to erase the artist’s hand. In the late 60s, Minimalist sculptors responded urgently to the domination of Abstract Expressionism in the art world….

Cara Chan’s A Part of Things

The soft, chalky texture of Cara Chan’s Venetian plaster sculptures evokes touch. Figures fondling and holding onto each other; they seem to converse in bed. Luminous busts rest elegantly on carefully constructed plinths, mutually supporting and melting together, interconnected

Brook Hsu

Brook Hsu’s art practice bears witness as well as offers invitation. Infinitely lying on forest floor in a blackout. Learning to breathe underwater. The smell of fresh soil. A wound healing slowly.

Amalia Ulman Talks to Zoe Koke

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 TEXT BY ZOE KOKE “Where do we get the energy to fight, where are the flowers?” is a part of the spoken voiceover for Amalia Ulman’s Powerpoint presentation, for her most recent performance, Privilege. I am feeling spacey from a 60 hour work week and somewhat hormonal when I meet Amalia…

Interview with Alison Yip

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 INTERVIEW BY ZOE KOKE Waiting Room, oil on canvas, 24 x 20″ 2014 Alison Yip is a painter from Calgary, now studying at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany. Her paintings blend muddy dreamscapes, diverse painting treatments, and elements of mundane common space while meditating on interiority. They are also so exploratory in colour and style,…

A Conversation with Cristine Brache

Pretty, Little, Thing (Castigada), bone china, silicone, perspex, dried lavender, 2016 INTERVIEW BY ZOE KOKE In ppants (for Brad), we see the legs of a woman. Cristine Brache stands in faded blue denim pants before a wood cabinet. Her hands rest calmly at her sides. We see the red glow of a digital camera focusing…

A Conversation with Minna Gilligan

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY ZOE KOKE Minna Gilligan undoubtedly maintains a massive curiosity in everything she does. She is prolific and constant in her approach to creating. She paints, writes books, collages, makes music, writes for Rookie Magazine, and strikes up creative collaborations with fashion brands. What I find the most compelling about…

Matthew Linde’s Centre for Style by Zoe Koke

You may remember Matthew Linde from a small feature we did on him and some of his projects in issue 9. Here Zoe Koke reports further on Linde and the Centre for Style, followed by some short interviews with some of the designers whose work Linde curates at his gallery/boutique hybrid. ~ A few years ago Australian…