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Behind the Scenes: TOPS Petals

PHOTOS BY KRISTY BENJAMIN WORDS BY JANE PENNY In March I flew to Los Angeles with my friend and collaborator Bronwyn Ford to film a new music video for my band TOPS. We stayed at the house in Glendale where we shot the video. I…

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Dress Up with TOPS

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 PHOTOS BY CLAIRE MILBRATH INTERVIEW BY FANTAVIOUS FRITZ The first time I met TOPS was on a computer screen over Skype. I was really excited to meet them, but sadly I barely heard anything they said because the Internet connection wasn’t very…

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TOPS Japan Tour Diary

This February we toured 13 different cities in Japan. These photos were all taken by our friend Takuroh Toyama, who I first met at an all night party we played in Kyoto. Like many of the people that I connected with in Japan I was…

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