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A Conversation with Nydia Blas

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 INTERVIEW BY SARAH IANNONE Nydia Blas’ photographs are inspired by the relationships she creates within her community, possessing the desire for her subjects to reclaim their identities and their bodies. The recent portraiture series The Girls Who Spun Gold, is made…

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In Almost Every Picture

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 AN INTERVIEW WITH CURATOR ERIK KESSELS BY SARAH IANNONE A few months ago I was rooting through the old photos at one of my favourite junk stores when I found a portrait of an elderly man holding a bouquet of flowers.…

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Shoot the Breeze: Prue Stent

INTERVIEW BY SARAH IANNONE  With Phillipa Stent The first time I smoked a joint was with a group of my girlfriends at the beginning of highschool. We all stripped down to our bras and underwear and met in the trees behind my friend’s house because…

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