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Fantasy Editorial by Olivia Dreisinger

Photographer & Director: Olivia Dreisinger Stylist: Adina Boom Hair: Glammy Lee Models: MaddieFoerster, Mike Friend, Samira Warsame , Rosie Waxman, Alex Maliki Casis, Benaiah Macdonald Designers: Lafaille, Schylar Van Den Helm, Yard666sale, Yoloforlife, Zuzu Knew          

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Olivia Dreisinger X Anne Tastad

PHOTOS BY OLIVIA DREISINGER STYLING BY MARIA KATARINA MODEL: ANNE TASTAD This editorial was conceived while I was in treatment at a psych ward last year, when Olivia wrote to me about the possibility of collaboration. We’ve been in close communication since then, sending a…

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