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Alan Belcher’s Friends

Photos courtesy of the artist and Downs & Ross, New York Alan Belcher’s Friends, which recently closed at Downs & Ross, feels like a nursery for unreleased Pokemon mishaps, eulogized as misunderstood stuffies. Wishing to create a “very friendly object,” Belcher hand-stitched each sculpture from…

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Ivy Haldeman’s Interesting Type

Images courtesy of Downs & Ross, New York “Many of you have asked why we are so confident in our ability to deliver the top line and what specifically will drive it…We see Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs increase households’ penetration and velocity, grow dollar sales…

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Interview with Sojourner Truth Parsons

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 17 The cool breeze off her back is my face cream, 2016, canvas, acrylic, glue on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Downs & Ross, New York.  And then there’s Sojourner Truth Parsons, a Canadian-born artist of Mi’kmaq, African-Canadian, and settler heritage.…

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