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The Ion Pack

Before they revealed their identities to the press, the Ion Pack sat down with Asher Penn to talk about podcasting, celebrity culture, and injecting relief into the self-serious world of film.

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A Conversation with Dasha Nekrasova

In The Darby Bonarsky Story, Dasha Nekrasova plays a melodramatic, self-destructive actress whose commitment to her craft is only rivalled by her love of alcohol and schoolgirl skirts. It’s one of many canny, close-to-life performances over the past few years that have in many ways made Dasha the crisis actress of the moment. A Russian ex-pat raised in Las Vegas, with a degree in Lacanian Theory, she has since made a name for herself in all forms of contemporary celebrity: model, podcaster, meme icon, aspiring it-girl, and—with the release of Eugene Kotlyarenko’s Wobble Palace—movie star. Dasha reaches each triumphant milestone with her signature charisma and charm.

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Eugene Kotlyarenko talks to Asher Penn

Eugene Kotlyarenko is the most relentless auteur of millennial indie. Since the release of his tour-de-force 0s & 1s—a multicam post-internet fable of a young man’s quest to be reunited with his laptop—Eugene has consistently been making films that showcase the rising personalities of the avant-garde, propelling them onto increasingly bigger screens.

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