Zine Review: Mr Mouse Vol. 2


Mr Mouse Meets the Mushroom Man & Other Groovy Stories  is the second volume of the Mr Mouse series, created by illustrator Myles Fairhead. Enter Mr Mouse, a spaced-out laid-back sunglass-wearing mouse who often finds himself in bizarre situations. Fairhead, inspired by his favorite childhood comics like Garfield and Zits, came up with the character of Mr Mouse while sitting on his Parc-Ex balcony and witnessing a passing cloud that reportedly resembled Mr Mouse’s head. Each little tale begins with our protagonist bored, attempting to hack a stream John Carpenter’s The Thing, or sneezing onto his TV controller and entering a new dimension called Teletopia. With slick white-on-black squiggly illustrations, and fashionable characters such as the hottie-mouse Reba or the drug-dealing Poodle, Mr Mouse Volume 2 is the perfect accessory for every Montreal Slacker’s summertime adventures. We’re lucky enough to preview a story from the book; take a look below, or get your own copy HERE. – CM