Jillian Mayer Slumpies


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Do you suffer from wry neck, also known as torticollis or turtleneck syndrome?

Now you don’t have to give up your interconnected life as a networked global citizen for a healthy supple spine. Text and scroll for hours from a comfortable, supported position with this pragmatic and luxurious collection designed by Miami-based artist Jillian Mayer.

Don’t believe us? Check out these real customer reviews collected by Whitney Mallett.



“The slumpie, so far has been excellent. I’ve sat in it over 5 hours before only getting up to move around a bit and it’s been far more comfortable than any other chair or couch I’ve owned.”

K. Cheadle



“I ordered this slumpie because I have a lot of neck problems. I spend roughly 19.25 hours a day mindlessly scrolling through instagram, looking at pictures of this guy I used to sleep with’s new girlfriend and stupid romantic texts they screenshot and gram because they’re seriously that lame, wedding photos of my college roommate who is a fucking bitch btw, and memes that sum up the sad state of my life. But also a lot of neck and back problems are also hereditary and my father died of a sore neck 4 years ago so I’m literally the ideal customer for this product. I have to say I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could, I would give it 6 stars.”

Emily Davis

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“First, the good stuff. This slumpie is a very beautiful slumpie that also functions exceptionally well. All of the parts feel high quality. When I sit on this slumpie, it makes me feel premium :D and comfortable. The reclining feature and the neck support are my main reasons for getting this style of furniture item. All you have heard is good stuff. So why the four stars? It does smell a bit but I think that will go away like the smell does after you buy a new car.”

Samuel Ho



“I’m 6’6’’ and 250 Ibs and have so far been impressed with the slumpies product. Many products cannot handle my large frame but this seems to handle it just right. Also my wife is only 4’10’’ and she also tried it once. So great to find a thing we can both enjoy as much as we both enjoy our mobile iPhones and watching Hulu.”

Lincoln Jones


Epoxy resin, fiberglass, enamel paint, amazon prime boxes, wood, foam, hardware. Wi-Fi signal emitted! Customized models by request! International shipping available.