Panayiotis Terzis



An engraving on an ancient Mesopotamian cylinder seal depicts a UFO landing on Earth. A Dogü figurine dated 1000 BCE looks suspiciously similar to our modern concept of an extraterrestrial visitor. There are several objects on the planet that support a theory of ancient aliens, or the idea that beings landed in ancient times and laid the stepping stones for what we now know as humanity. The work of Panayiotis Terzis corroborates the story of ancient aliens, rendering an inexplicable primordial future. His gouache paintings depict Greco figurines suspended in a 3D chaos, with colors so blinding they can’t be rendered in print! But more than just the probable offspring of ancient aliens, Panayiotis is among an interesting new crop of sci-fi, futurist artists, and a driving force in the zine world. We discovered him (and many other incredible artists) via his latest release Trapper Keeper, which he prints and distributes in small, inexpensive editions thanks to his Riso printing platform, Mega Press. We were impressed both by Panayiotis’ vivid paintings, and his eye for curating great artists. See Florencia Escurdero and Lala Albert—who we discovered through Terzis’ zine—also featured in this issue. – Claire Milbrath


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