In the Stars with Kiera: 2017


Contributing editor and staff Mum Kiera McNally  forecasts what’s coming for you in 2017! Published in ISSUE 16.

Aries Horoscope OutlineARIES

Uranus is transiting out of your ass, making 2017 a much more stable year for you, goat. You will be more in control of your emotions and your energy! Also Jupiter will be entering your relationship sector, meaning it will be easier for you to work on two, and not just you. The only thing is, you may feel like you’re a bit slow and losing passion for your job or career. It would be a good time to start something new. You will see some ups-and-downs, the trick will be to keep your eyes on the prize with new eyes.



What’s up my Taurus friend? Enjoy the boredom of early 2017 because come spring Mars will charge like a raging bull through your sign. Luckily, you will be super focused on preparing to set sail on whatever your next journey may be. Remember, no Taurus is an island, so try your best to express your feelings and emotions to your allies and intimates. It will be the best way to get through some stormy weather retrogrades moving through your sign.



Carpe diem Gemini hotties! Opportunities are abundant in the first part of 2017. Mars will be making a big impact on your career sector. Seize the moment or you may lose momentum. The red planet will be moving into your subconscious mind by March and April. It would be best to schedule some time off, as a little rest and relaxation will rejuvenate you and allow you to focus on something you want to work on long-term. Timing will be perfect this year. The combo of Saturn in your relationship sector and Jupiter in your love sector makes for an interesting cocktail of romance and friendship.


Howdy Cancer! Get your ass in gear because 2017 is going to be a wild ride. You will be stuck in the middle of what proper astrologists call a “cardinal cross.” Suffice it to say, this year may feel like riding a bucking bronco at the Wrangler National Finals rodeo. Prepare yourself for all sorts of changes around, and inside of you. Jupiter will be transiting from your 4th to 5th house. You may start the year focused on your home space, anxiously trying to upgrade the chill factor. But by the end of the year that Jupiter energy will be directed on actually chilling and having fun with friends. Get prepped up for a deep core transformation and expect the unexpected this spring. This ain’t your first time at the rodeo, Cancer.


Way to go Leo! You will be Frank this year. Honesty, communication and “telling it how it is” will be a big theme in 2017. Even if you are brutally honest, the “bullshit-free” attitude shall be much appreciated. Something about your outlook will undergo a dramatic change. You may feel as if you’ve become a different person (named Frank) but it will ultimately be for the better. You won’t be able to settle for anything this year. If you do, dissatisfaction, resentment, and the cutting of ties could follow. Look closely at your own reflection, get to know this person, learn what they need and how they will fulfill them.



Ground control to Major Virgo! 2017 will feel as if you are floating through outer space. Life may seem to be a little vague, leaving you with no clue as to where you’re going. I advise you to be sensitive to the universe’s needs and those around you to excel on this mission. The combination of planets floating past your ship will be good for finding ways to improve various aspects of your life, helping you to become more confident and feel stronger internally. You may feel lost, floating through a zero gravity atmosphere, but positivity will keep you grounded. The agitation of mind and disappointment in love and life will finally give way to some amount of clarity and peace. Take a deep breath.



2017 will be your karate dojo, teaching you how to kick ass. Mars and Uranus will be in your relationship sector February to early March so you can expect some transformations with the people in your life. You may feel restless, wanting to make changes in order to create a little more excitement. You’re always compromising and fair but don’t detach emotionally with the Mercury and Venus retrograde influence. Work on feeling more secure and listen to your sensei’s lesson until the lunar eclipse comes in August, which will have you feeling romantic and affectionate. This is the year to attain your black belt with Jupiter remaining in your sign till October. This is your time to shine and set yourself up for the next decade!



Bon appetit Scorpio! 2017 will be a buffet of tasty treats. Connections, caring and cuddles will be all over the calendar January and February. There is a risk of becoming lazy, selfish and overly dramatic which could have its consequences. If you don’t spoil your appetite, you will be rewarded with a delicious dessert of passion and deep physical and emotional love. With Saturn in your money sector you may be pinching pennies. Buckle down and get serious about your finances. Do your best to work on bad spending habits. Getting your shit together and setting yourself up long-term will be important for when Jupiter enters Scorpio come October.

archer-clipart-clipart-bow-and-arrow-512x512-8fad-e1421178853603 copySAGITTARIUS

Lights, camera, action, Sagittarius! Time to steal the show. Mars and Uranus will be moving through your chart at the beginning of the year making you push for more freedom. Venus going into retrograde in the spring may make it difficult for you to open up and connect with others, as you are figuring out your new role. Saturn will be your director, remaining in your sign for most of 2017, and showing you tough love until mid-October. By then you will feel a whole lot stronger. Jupiter is helping you too, remaining in your hopes and dreams and friends sectors most of the year. You will continue to meet new people and expand your social network, helping you make connections and pursue opportunities to achieve dreams for the future. You will benefit most Sagittarius, when you’re allowed to be your true self and have the independence to do things your own way. Break a leg.


It’s your turn, Capricorn. Life may have felt like one long poker game for the past couple of years, with Pluto’s energies combining with your Capricorn sun energies. You have learned to play your cards close to your chest, to be secretive, to keep people at arm’s length, so that they can’t hurt you, so that they don’t burden you with too much responsibility or intimacy. Keeping up the bluff can be good and bad, Capricorn. Your survival instincts have developed and you’ve learned that not everyone is your friend. The metamorphosis influenced by Pluto for the past 10 years is almost complete. Time to reflect on your own personal changes, lifestyle and behaviour. Pay all of your karmic debts, get back in the game, up the ante and lay all your cards on the table.



Listen up my divine Aquarian beings! The North Node is in Leo, so from May 2017 the emphasis is on learning to enjoy and cherish life and build warm human relations. With the South Node in Aquarius, your sun sign, this is a time to tone down excessive celestial Aquarian qualities, such as lack of respect for the freedom of others, as well as rebellion and vagrancy. The way forward this year will be through the fleshy heart, rather than detached independence. Jupiter remains in Libra until mid-October, and keeps you looking on the bright side, wanting to be optimistic and positive. You get as much as you give, my divine seraph. Reflect and realize what it is you want to achieve in 2017, the seeds of your goals are already contained within you. Very often it is hard to grasp one of the biggest spiritual paradoxes of them all: you already have everything you need to get anything you want.


Welcome to the funhouse Pisces! 2017 shows that with transiting Neptune moving through your sign, you may feel as though you keep running into trick mirrors, distorting your self-perception. Jupiter enters Scorpio in October 2017 and the feeling in the air may be unstable and unpredictable, a wacky and whimsical atmosphere. Be adventurous Pisces, explore & try new things and be willing to get on a few rides. Above all, project confidence and act as though you have a fat stack of tokens at hand, even if you’re not certain where the next one is coming from. If you believe it, so will others. This year will be a smorgasbord of dreamy feelings. You will be more hazy, more imaginative, and more fluid. You will need to work on staying grounded as you enjoy this ferris wheel year.