Frank Dorrey

Printed in Issue 21

Frank Dorrey’s world is one of colour and clash, an overly-saturated realm of sunburnt imagery evocative of that very 90s cocktail of low-quality and high-contrast, one part Hype Williams-directed “Gimme Some More” and one part children’s program animation. Frank makes his works using an iPhone 8, more specifically within a little-utilized app called PicsArt, and the outcome is an unlikely digital mode of production that merges illustration, graphic design, and collage.  His works are often “sample-based,” as he sources images online and distorts them while lying in bed on his phone. “I got an iPhone 8s and I use my fingers to do a mix of digital collage and illustration,” he says. “I only work when I get an urge to; I tend to work whenever I’m feeling emotional and want to vent.” With such a personally-motivated process, Frank has historically been reluctant to share his work publicly. “I always made things, hardly ever with the intent to share but just to express myself. To me I believe that’s the point of it all—to probe my psyche! It’s like braving a storm only to be spat out! Left collecting the remains of who I am.” With mounting group shows, art world invitations, print projects, and brand collaborations (including one with like-minded British designer Mowalola), we anticipate spending more and more time in Frank’s world. – Olivia Whittick

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