Family Exhibitions

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Today we enter Montreal’s artist-run space Family Exhibitions to view four shows, two from New York galleries, Marvin Gardens and Grifter Space. As the case with most artist-run spaces, Family has been quietly doing the work to highlight emerging artists, such as Olga Abeleva and Marlon Kroll, while fostering an East Coast art community that cuts across borders. Grifter Space presents “History,” a show favouring painters with loose brushes – Adrianne Rubenstien’s wild, scribbly flower still life, and Theadora Frost’s large-scale, un-stretched canvas depicting chaotic block patterns. My personal favourite is Jake Manning’s childlike rendering of three sailboats, which I find oddly sad. NYC gallery Marvin Garden’s “Tendersweet” pairs Zack Rafuls assemblage sculptures with Paula Lawrie’s gauche and acrylic forest landscapes that feel both naive and futuristic. The works in “Tendersweet,” along with “History,” indicate a welcomed lack of fuss and pretense. In other rooms we find subtle watercolours by Tasha Aulls, and a collection of crafted tables curated by Nick Howe.  Family Exhibitions is on view until March 28th. -Claire Milbrath

Install, “History”,  Theadora Frost, Changes

“History”, Grifter, Theadora Frost, Roles We Learn to Play

“History”, Grifter, Jake Manning, Untitled

“History”, Grifter, Jake Manning, Untitled

“History”, Jake Manning, Reunion

“History”, Adrianne Rubenstein, Still Life with Lily

Install, “History”, Theadora Frost, Untitled

Install, “Tendersweet”, Zach Rafuls and Paula Lawrie

“Tendersweet”, Marvin Gardens, Paula Lawrie, Untitled

“Tendersweet”, Marvin Gardens, Paula Lawrie, Untitled

Install  “Bring Your Own Chair”