Category: Olivia Whittick

Frank Dorrey

Printed in Issue 21 Frank Dorrey’s world is one of colour and clash, an overly-saturated realm of sunburnt imagery evocative of that very 90s cocktail of low-quality and high-contrast, one part Hype Williams-directed “Gimme Some More” and one part children’s program animation. Frank makes his works using…

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Interview with Andrew Callaghan

Andrew Callaghan is drawn to annoying people like a moth to a flame. But partly maybe because he isn’t as immediately dismissive as the rest of us. He practices what he calls “radical listening” in his interviews, which is quite radical considering his subjects include Chet Hanks, the QAnon Shaman, attendees of the Hollywood antivax rally, a pickup artist bootcamp in Las Vegas, and numerous QAnon, Flat Earth, Conscious Life, and Bigfoot hunting conferences, to name only a few.

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