Personality Over Persona: Fiona Alison Duncan

Fiona Duncan has a knack for plucking just the right detail for each frame, and the novel benefits from the otherworldly voice that appears in all her work: her celebrity profiles, artist interviews,  spiritual reportings, her diary-essays or cultural commentary. In the novel she thunders and weaves enlightenments on the complicated frilliness of girlhood, walking the radioactive sunsets of LA, wading through a warbly love affair. It’s a balm on an internet-addled brain that searches instinctively for a linear trajectory to grab onto. This book presents other options. Resolving things is not the point. 

Tzef and co. by Jasper Briggs for Pillow Talk

Photos by Jasper Briggs   Once a month in the penthouse of the Standard, Downtown LA, a group of people get together to communicate about sex and love. Pillow Talk is the name of the event, organized and hosted by Fiona Duncan—it’s designed to create and reinforce community. In May, model Tzef Montana, stylist Autumn Randolph, and photographer Jasper Briggs helped lead an extra experimental…

A Conversation with Ariana Reines

PRINTED IN ISSUE 17 are among the words Ariana Reines has taught me through her poetry. 34 years old, she is the author of something like, eight books of poetry, three books of prose-poetry, three French translations, three plays, three art performances, and a series of sculptures inspired by Greek Herms. Reines’ work is physical….

Selected Work by Ariana Reines

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 17 BY FIONA DUNCAN The Cow (2006) is Ariana’s first book. Dignified, chunky, and disgusting, it’s about cows as meat, women as meat, women as (dumb) cows, mad cow disease, and madness: the anger of crazy. Choice line: “When I die I will become everything A TURDUCKEN.” Coeur de Lion (2007) is…