Angela Heisch’s Springs

Images courtesy of the artist and Projet Pangée

I can look at Angela Heisch’s paintings for a long time. Her sense of colour and depth draw the viewer into a quiet state. Her practice shifts away from the turbulent, high-speed world that we inhabit, offering a pathway to introspection. They function as psychological portals. Heisch’s work is an important addition to the genre of female abstract painting. Her work demonstrates a sense of knowing and spirituality that’s akin to the work of greats Agnes Pelton or Hilma Af Klint. Though Heisch’s renderings feel more mathematical, clinical, than her wilder predecessors. Heisch’s practice is therapeutic, untroubled. Interlocking shapes, gusts of colour and light – there is motion in Heisch’s brushwork. Yet the works still maintain a comforting, painterly flatness. Heisch’s solo show “Springs” is currently on view at Projet Pangée in Montreal. – CM

Where There’s Smoke, 2020, oil on canvas over panel, 20x24inches

Bright Night, 2020, oil on canvas over panel, 20x16inches

The Juggler, 2020, oil on canvas over panel, 20x24inches

Wet Sky, 2020, oil on canvas over panel, 16×20 inches