André Ethier + Jasmine Reimer @ Projet Pangée

Today we visit Montreal’s Projet Pangée to catch their latest exhibition André Ethier + Jasmine Reimer“Freedom” was the first word that came to mind when observing these works, and what followed was some kind of mix of artist-envy and excitement. I wish I could make art like this. Both Ethier and Reimer’s work appears to be free from any struggle with judgements, rules, or limitations. They bring to mind a heavy-handed child going wild on piece of construction paper, unconcerned with convention. Ethier’s new paintings are brilliantly confident, with bold black outlines thickly accentuating mythical, occasionally sci-fi, figures and landscapes. Remier’s grotesquely beautiful sculptures, built from a combination of found objects and visceral materials, amplify the feeling that we’ve entered a fantastical space that heralds both the distant future and a folk-art past. Don’t miss your chance to see these works in person. Open at Projet Pangée June 3—July 22, 2017. – Claire Milbrath