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Coming-of-Age at NYFW

TAYLORE SCARABELLI REPORTS FROM SS18 For SS18, the heavy hitters of New York Fashion seemed to trade innovation for Instagram attention. From Alexander Wang’s overhyped afterparty to Rihanna’s motocross-inspired runway, mass-marketing was in. But in an era where speed rules and trends turn over almost…

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Shoot the Breeze: Tess Roby

Tess Roby‘s photography shares with us a world of unforeseen angles and quiet moments. Native to Montreal, Tess began shooting and experimenting with her Minolta point-and-shoot at an early age, developing an eye for composition. The young photographer shoots exclusively on film, intrigued by its grain and the richness…

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A Conversation with Brie Moreno

INTERVIEW BY REBECCA STORM SEE BRIE’S COMIC IN ISSUE 15 Thanks to an awful hangover and me being a useless lump, I came across Brie Moreno‘s work when I fell into an Instagram hole and found her feed. With garish colours, existential toys and snapshots of the…

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