Zine Round Up: Zine Tornado

The 2007 Brooklyn tornado was the strongest tornado to strike New York City. 40 buildings and 100 cars were damaged, and the streets were severely flooded. This weekend that record has been broken. Artists Maia Ruth Lee & Peter Sutherland have stormed the New York Art Book Fair with what experts are calling a Zine Tornado. Zine pages made by approximately 170 artists are flying around, right this moment, for people to grab from the air. The pages can then be collated into a zine at a stapling station next to the tornado. When I asked Maia about the project she said it’s been a “whirlwind.” All proceeds go to the Fresh Air Fund, a project that provides free summer vacations for low income children <3 Check out the clip below, or see it for yourself at NYABF.