Zine Round Up: SF Home Video

It’s that time again! The New York Art Book Fair is an overwhelmingly exhilarating two-day exhibition of independent zines and art-books to excite and delight print-media lovers from far and wide. Here we select some of our favourite artists who will be displaying their work this weekend. Get ready for NYABF madness!


Artist Claire Christerson challenges the medium of the traditional zine in order to focus her attention on what she enjoys most, making videos. “SF Home Video August 2016” is the title of her new zine which she transferred to a handful of custom-covered flash drives for NYABF. Claire told us, “I wanted to make something that you could watch but have the same feeling as a zine, you know with the box and the physical element. Video is a big part of my life and I figured, why not show people what my home videos are like? Making videos is so much fun and honestly this just makes me laugh out loud.” A good lol is reason enough to do anything in life! The simplicity of her desire to document her trip to San Francisco with her friends is enough to engage anyone lusting after feelings of freedom and friendship. By detailing the willful act of going to a place and returning, Claire appeals to our collective restlessness and appetite for youth in motion. The video also stars Molly Matalon & Damien Maloney – look out for their very own release coming down the chute shortly. – Cerian Phillips

Claire’s digital zine will be available at the 8Ball zine table at NYABF. Watch the trailer below!