Zine Review: @–>—


In a dream collaboration, two of our favourite artists have teamed up to bring us a new zine
@–>— , or Rose Zine as Moreno refers to it. A few months ago Brie Moreno & Maren Karlson sparked an internet friendship built on mutual appreciation of each other’s unique, unconventional drawing styles.  After having a few discussions about love and dating, the two decided that this would be the subject of their first collaborative project. @–>—  is essentially a zine about romance: dating, lust, jealousy; and it’s counterparts: celibacy and Spinsterism. The concept of a female loner is one that’s often met with pity or bewilderment, whereas the male loner is hailed as mysterious or rebellious. Moreno and Karlson’s drawings celebrate the female loner, taking pride in being alone. Being a spinster myself, @–>— is a zine I love both aesthetically and conceptually. Take a peek below. – CM