Zine Review: Can’t See the Forest or the Trees


This past week a charming little black and white zine arrived in our mailbox. It was Alex Heilbron‘s cleverly named, Can’t See the Forest or the Trees. Alex explained to us that this was a zine she had made for the L.A. Art Book Fair for the Ladybug House (a project of a few of her friends from San Francisco). Inside there are a bunch of cool ball-point pen drawings. These intricate drawings take anywhere from about one to three weeks to complete. Alex titled her zine Can’t See the Forest or the Trees because of a feeling of constantly dealing with very contemporary feelings/emotions of confusion and loneliness. Unlike the popular saying where you can’t see the big picture – there is no big or small picture, there is nothing and something. Alex explains that these drawings are loosely based off of a collection of short stories from the writer Joan Didion, and a reproduction of an early 1900’s German department stores catalogue, two things she was looking at at the time that she made them. See some scans from inside below! – Olivia Whitick