Workaday Handmade

~Forrest Lewinger is the creator of of Worakday Handmade, a cremaics label run out of Brooklyn, New York. Questionnaire conducted by Jess Carroll ~


Name: Workaday Handmade (Forrest Lewinger)

Age: 29

Height: 5′ 10 1/2″

Occupation: Artist

Location: Brooklyn, New York




Astrological sign: Leo

Official URL(s):

Favourite color: blue or green or both all mixed up

Favourite flower: icelandic poppy

Favourite sports team: Go Dawgs!

Favourite hero of history: I’ve said it before so I’ll say it again: MLK Jr.

Most overwhelming personality characteristic: Calm



Last person you spoke with: Molly Prentiss of Blogging Molly fame

What you ate for breakfast: Corn Bread

Current artistic mandate: Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose

Favourite artistic material: Time

Ultimate, untimely dreams: A studio staffed with talented people that can help me execute all of my projects. Thats not too much to ask I think.

Idea of great misery: Herzog described the jungle as a misery, I don’t know if I believe him though

Do you live off of your work? Halfzies

How do you wish to die? This is probably pretty common but I’d like to be free of dementia or serious physical illness and on lots of pain medication



Where have you found your most consistent inspiration? Other people’s ideas

What tabs are open on your browser currently? A Julia Holter playlist on Grooveshark, my email.

Link to an image that you feel most accurately represents you: