A Week in Tattoo Art: @charlinebataille

By no means experts in the ancient tradition of tattooage, we have never-the-less selected some of our favorite artists working with the medium at the moment. This week, we highlight a handful of the many talents making work at the intersection of visual art and body modification. Check back daily to see tattoo and flash works from artists turning their untraditional designs into eternal mementos.


Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m Charline Bataille, 27-year-old artist and tattooer at Minuit Dix! Born and raised in Rosemont, Montreal.

How did you get into tattoo art?

When I was younger I thought tattoos looked so cool (I still do) and I have always been big into DIY so I figured if I wanted tattoos I would just have to learn! It took me years to build the confidence to draw something on someone else’s skin that would last forever but time, practice, therapy and antidepressants really helped boost my confidence, ambition, and creativity. Here I am!

What was your first tattoo?

My first tattoo was right on my sternum, like a boss. It’s a really weird abstract anatomical heart by Emilie Roby.

Do you tattoo your own body? If yes, what tattoos have you given yourself?

I did a lot when I was practicing. I tattooed myself a lot when I was sad too—it’s an acceptable form of self-harm, isn’t it? I have flowers, hearts, lady with big boobs, skulls, FTW, FTP, all classics.

Do you have or have you given any tattoos you regret?

I think it’s hard sometimes to look at your older work…I prefer not to think about it, haha.

What is it about tattooing that appeals over other forms of visual art?

You know…one of the undeniable parts of tattooing is that it’s a way to be an artist and pay bills. It’s honestly the very best job on earth and I am blessed! Furthermore, my work explores the body a lot: gender, fatness, energy, mental illness, ownership of one’s own body, beauty. Ugliness, subjects like those, and so there is an extra meaning to commit to it permanently, to wear it as reminder, a contact with yourself almost It’s my personal favourite medium! I love poking colour into people’s skin and to collaborate with them building a design.


Do you consider your work to be political?


Are there any themes you work with regularly?

My tattoos are, you could say, “ugly.” Lines are wonky, they don’t follow any rules, colours are wild and often outside of the lines, subjects are raw and not graceful. In the art world, all of the above are generally accepted and understood, but in tattoo world they are absolute Evil. I think people who love and want my work are attracted to the imperfection and boldness. I think they decide to commit to being weird and ugly and imperfectly themselves and celebrate all those things. It’s a celebration and a fuck u!

Are there any artists or movements now or in the history of tattooing that inspire you?

Omg, so many!



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