Water Records


Interview by Madeline Glowicki
Intro by “Teddy”
Photos by Claire Milbrath

Water records is a COOL new media conglomerate with a CRYSTAL CLEAR mandate to release the absolute FRESHEST material to consumers THIRSTY for change. An OASIS of splendor in a DESERT of boredom…. We caught up with them before their FIRST ever showcase and tape release TONIGHT.

(Ashley & Pierce at the office)


Madeline Glowicki: What made you want to start your own label?

Pierce McGarry: Cred (laughing).
Ashley Howe: Street cred?
PM: Yeah, street cred. No, everyone I looked up to when I was a kid used to have their own labels. So I thought, why not do it myself? They always encouraged it too, they were like “do it yourself”.

MG: Tell me a bit about the artists on the label.

AH: They are all good friends but we’re not going for one sound or feel or anything. We just want good music.

MG: Are all the bands from Montreal?

AH: They’re not from Montreal but they are all performing in Montreal. We are moving to L.A. soon though. It’d be cool if all the bands in Montreal came there and we could put on a showcase like we’re doing here.

MG: It’s just the two of you running the label?

AH: Yeah.

MG: Who’s the brains and who’s the brawn? 

PM: I guess I’d be the brains and the brawn.
AH: Excuse me, I think I’m the brains and you’re the brawn.
PM: I guess I do most of the production.
AH: Yeah, you handle the music and I do the website, the design and the organization. I have to push him to do things because he has so many other projects.

MG: How do you guys decide who you want on the label? Do they have to be friends?

AH: Not at all.
PM: No, we are just getting started with people who we already know and who weren’t involved with other things.
AH: When I saw Steve Jr. play, I just thought we had to scoop them up because they are so fucking sweet. I’ve been getting to know them a lot more through working together.

MG: What’s your goal for the label?

PM: I guess putting out records would be really cool. Tapes are cool because they are easy and they have a nice look to them and they sound different, but records would be the best. Or like, pro-looking CDs, DVDs, Blu ray (laughing). I’d like to do all Blu Ray, really HD.
Right now we’ve just been working really hard on the Fest here tonight though; Jeremy’s tape is coming out.
AH: And Walter TV’s tape is coming out in October, probably by Halloween.

MG: Well, anything else you want to say?

PM: Hit us up if you want us to put out your tape, we’re always looking new, fresh talent. You wanna put out a tape Maddy? No, okay. Well, keep strong; look for Blu Rays in 2014, make sure you get a player ready for when they come out.