Tonstartssbandht Retrospective


Andy and Edwin White are two brothers who form the band Tonstartssbandht. They also have their respective solo projects, Andy Boay and Eola. They are near and dear to us over here at The Editorial Magazine. As documentation of the trajectory of their growth, the brothers share with us a collection of photos, notes and artifacts which observe their musical upbringing in Florida right on through to the New York years of present-day. You will also find a poem by friend and artist Jason Harvey, a rumination on his relationship to the brothers and their music. Thanks to Kendall Stephenson, Marilis Cardinal & Kiera McNally for additional photos. -Olivia Whittick






I think I have probably seen their band,
Tonstartssbandht more than any other human on Earth
like at least 900 times
their music is really good
if you haven’t heard it, I think you might like it
it is like the music we will all make after capitalism finally collapses
everyone is a pansexual wood nymph
inhabiting the empty husks of former metropolises
making DIY loft spaces
they are like two giant super shredded Floridian swamp men
playing a concert every night
playing for everyone
taking all the most deeply psychedelic elements
in the canon of human music
and mixing them all together
everyone is dancing
everyone is nude
singing together
everyones voices all as one
soaring like a small bird
growing into a larger bird
reverberating from the mountain tops
and through the valleys of abandoned buildings and malls
through the shell of what once was a great empire,
out into the universe

it sounds like you are driving in a very fast car
on a highway by the ocean
the sun is setting, it is the most beautiful sunset you or anybody has ever seen
it is like the sun has smoked weed and is also high on DMT
you have no shirt on
the wind caresses your chest
you are free
you are everything
and nothing
all cops have died
the highway stretches out before you empty
full of potential

-Jason Harvey




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