Thea Govorchin

~ The following works were featured in issue 10 ~


Thea Govorchin is an artist currently residing in Montreal. You may remember when we covered her solo show Adult Contemporary – a parodic arrangement of fake marble columns, plastic grapes, and Matisse-esque nudes.

While many artists seem to be dipping their brush into the Matisse paint can, Thea is interested in how his work interacts with more contemporary representations of nudity and female sensuality. Her latest works explore the relation between Matisse’s Jazz and erotic manga/anime art, hentai. 

Thea has been playing with the female figure for a while now, spray-painting tits onto t-shirts and making carbon copies of Picasso nudes. There’s something cheeky about her style, as she adds her scrawling signature to famous Modernist sketches (a similar spirit inspired her Editorial artist tee, which shows our brand scribbled amongst the pubes of a Picasso bush). 

When I asked Thea about her recent use of up-skirts and tit-grabs, she told me her images are sexy because she “thinks about sex a lot.” She chooses foreplay scenes from hentai over the more cheesy climatic shots because she believes they share a similar sensuality/mystery to that present in Matisse’s work.  – CM