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Interview with Alison Yip

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 INTERVIEW BY ZOE KOKE Waiting Room, oil on canvas, 24 x 20″ 2014 Alison Yip is a painter from Calgary, now studying at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany. Her paintings blend muddy dreamscapes, diverse painting treatments, and elements of mundane common space while meditating on…

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A Conversation with Cristine Brache

Pretty, Little, Thing (Castigada), bone china, silicone, perspex, dried lavender, 2016 INTERVIEW BY ZOE KOKE In ppants (for Brad), we see the legs of a woman. Cristine Brache stands in faded blue denim pants before a wood cabinet. Her hands rest calmly at her sides.…

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A Conversation with Minna Gilligan

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY ZOE KOKE Minna Gilligan undoubtedly maintains a massive curiosity in everything she does. She is prolific and constant in her approach to creating. She paints, writes books, collages, makes music, writes for Rookie Magazine, and strikes up creative collaborations…

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