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Shoot the Breeze: Camille Rouzaud

Camille Rouzaud’s photographs are visceral, rough, intimate, and voyeuristic. Her vision tends to focus on the exuberance of youth, though it is tempered by a kind of remote detachment, articulated in high-contrast color and what often looks like digital grain. Rouzaud’s work is like a…

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Shoot the Breeze: Igor Verkhovskiy

Igor Verkhovskiy’s work is like a heavy stone sitting at the bottom of the ocean: undisturbed at it’s depth, dark and reflective of the life that floats above. His photos give me some actual feeling. Maybe I’m just tired of looking at photography, tired of looking at submissions in general. Born…

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Shoot the Breeze: Tess Roby

Tess Roby‘s photography shares with us a world of unforeseen angles and quiet moments. Native to Montreal, Tess began shooting and experimenting with her Minolta point-and-shoot at an early age, developing an eye for composition. The young photographer shoots exclusively on film, intrigued by its grain and the richness…

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