Stream: Scientific Dreamz of U / Junior Loves “The Dreamcode”

I always like the use of proper names in song titles –  Michael’s Pencil,  Allison Falls Over, – or in the case of 1080p’s most recent release “The Dreamcode” – Ignacio’s Daydream, and then a little later, Ignacio’s Solution. Using song titles like these provides a story that might otherwise be somewhat abstract in the music itself. “The Dreamcode” is certainly abstract – also spacey, futuristic, cold – but it nonetheless captures the feeling of a story, of events happening in complex relation to each other in a pattern whose higher meaning is inherent to each piece and to the work as a whole.

The album is a spilt release from two London-based producers, Junior Loves & Scientific Dreamz of U. The two host the NTS radio show “kestrel explorations” which explores similarly cosmic, “Sagan-ian” electronica. The album is out on the 1080p Collection. Take a listen below. – JM